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Getting Real | Starting Authentic Conversations About Being Human

Do you think people are interesting? Are you curious about the human condition? Do you enjoy meaningful conversations?

What is the meaning of empathy? Why is empathy important? Would you like to know how to improve listening skills?

Flip the Lens is a way to explore all of this, and more!

Flip the Lens (FTL) is a platform and teaching tool that presents short video interviews created by everyday people from all walks of life. We invite you to create and share an interview with the person of your choice about one of three universal dimensions of the human condition: belonging, creativity, and culture. Be a part of a movement to foster authenticity by recording and sharing someone's personal experience of what it means to be human.

Never conducted an interview before? Don't know how to film a video? Don't worry! We can teach you!

Join a Movement to Foster Connection, Empathy & Understanding

In today’s global world we are more connected than ever before...and yet, paradoxically, many of us often feel more alone, alienated, different, and less-than.

The human need to feel connected is unmistakably universal - even if we each experience it in a uniquely personal way. As instinctive as it is to want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, there is no one among us who hasn't at one point or another felt disconnected, unheard, and on the outside looking in.

COVID-19 has only exacerbated that sense of isolation and lack of purpose. Flip the Lens aims to be a global movement for people to turn their lens outward, engage with the world around them, and share video projects about the world's cultures and our shared human condition. We are building a community of cultural co-creators who want to foster greater understanding among people.

Flip The Lens

Discovering Untold Stories About Belonging, Culture and Creativity

Flip the Lens (FTL) is a revolutionary platform for creating powerful and meaningful content about our shared humanity. An alternative to self-focused social media, FTL is a digital social innovation initiative that offers people of all ages a forum for changing the world, one conversation at a time. FTL is a catalyst for starting and sharing intimate Q & As on important topics that matter.

Participants in Flip the Lens conduct and record short video interviews with others on universal human themes of belonging, culture and creativity. The interviews are published on playlists of the Flip the Lens YouTube Channel, and form a collective body of content that documents diverse views from around the world on what it means to be human. We believe that by using a camera as a window rather than a mirror, there will be more peace and understanding in the world.

Flip the Lens celebrates our unique differences and our shared human condition. We are advocates of curiosity, listening, identification and respect. We believe everyone matters and we each have valuable life lessons to share.

Flip The Lens

Who is Flip the Lens For?


Flip the Lens offers an opportunity for the curious and creative of all ages to get out of themselves, expand their horizons, and dare to ask questions about someone else's livelihood, life and culture. Producing a piece of art or journalism is the icing on the cake!

Because of the rich learning opportunities that Flip the Lens affords, the platform is especially relevant to educators, filmmakers, lifelong learners, and travelers and travel companies.

Everyone Has an Untold Story

Many stories go untold because no one asked. That’s a shame because each person’s story is unique and inspirational.

Flip The Lens

Would you like to be part of a movement to celebrate our unique differences and shared humanity, one person’s story at a time?

Are you a curious person who loves to know what makes people tick?

Are you shy, and looking for a “reason” to start a conversation with someone?

Do you want to discuss topics that have meaning and aren’t superficial?

Are you someone who likes to photograph or videotape your travels, adventures, friends, and family?

Would you love to be a reporter on the world’s cultures and our human condition?

If you have a phone, you are a filmmaker!

Flip The Lens

Our Invitation to You

Since its invention about 20 years ago, social media has fostered amazing individual self-expression and creativity. People love sharing where they've been, what they've done, and interesting content they've made or discovered. Our idea is to take that to the next level.

Don't be an influencer. Be an advocate.
Use a camera as a window. Not a mirror.
Forget selfies. See others.
Collaborate. Connect cultures.
Channel someone's story.
Change the world.

Flip the Lens | Getting Started

We are looking for personal accounts that are thoughtful, authentic and from the heart. Your piece could be funny or poignant, shocking or anything in between…but it needs to be honest, insightful, empathetic and respectful.

Flip the Lens invites you to create powerful content simply by filming someone sharing their answers to three provocative questions. No need for super high tech equipment, fancy sets, or complex editing. The Flip the Lens approach keeps it real and authentic.

If you want to make a video that has meaning and can make a difference in someone's life, we want to help you! We offer video tutorials that will make your project low stress and build your digital confidence!

Flip the Lens Series | Our Focus

Flip the Lens focuses on sharing people’s stories through three-question interviews on three themes: Belonging, Creativity and Culture.

The Belonging Project

The feeling of belonging is deeply inscribed in human nature. We all belong to something, yet it is a unique experience for each one of us.

Flip the Lens' Belonging Project looks at everyday situations, circumstances, interactions, and emotions that affect our sense of belonging. We ask people to share an experience that defines what belonging means to them.

Create a piece of documentary art that explores someone’s powerful experience of belonging in their life. We are willing to bet it will be a profound experience that gives you a strong sense of connection...and of being part of something bigger than yourself.

Click here to watch stories of Belonging!

Flip The Lens

The Culture Project

We are surrounded by culture, arent we? Culture manages to mesmerize us every time we try to dig deeper and understand it better. By almost any definition, “culture” is a way of life.

By presenting how people use their culture for richer lives, then we can help people find ways to navigate their own or other cultures in the most meaningful way.

Participate in The Culture Project and make a video documentary about ways culture is working in someone’s life.

Flip The Lens

The Creativity Project

Creativity thrives in every field, among every individual. Yet often creativity goes unnoticed. It is our belief that people's creativity needs to be brought into the spotlight.

We offer a platform for identifying, appreciating and showcasing the umpteen ways people think creatively. Is there someone you know who has used imagination, ingenuity and originality to solve a problem? Or pioneered a new vision? Or create a unique piece of art?

What are you waiting for? Participate in The Creativity Project by Flip the Lens. Pick your filming devices and capture someone's creativity for others to appreciate!

Flip The Lens

Are you ready to Flip the Lens? Join Us!

Flip The Lens

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