Featuring Positive Videos

Celebrating Our Humanity & Culture

Featuring Positive Videos

Celebrating Our Humanity & Culture

Use your curiosity and creativity to change the world. One video at a time.

Flip the Lens (FTL) is a platform for positive short videos that celebrate our humanity and culture. The idea is to change the world by seeing the good in it.

What makes FTL unique is that the channel publishes videos created by regular people who happen to have an interest in what it means to be human. We believe if you have a phone, you are a filmmaker!

FTL is for anyone who is curious, creative, and wants to be part of a movement to shine a light on what is good about people, culture, and what we share in common.

Flip the Lens (FTL) YouTube channel publishes and promotes videos made by content creators from all walks of life and of all ages in four genres: short interviews; mini-documentaries; video slide shows; and video essays. Check out our playlists to explore the uplifting and thought-provoking content FTL features!

Make a Film in One of These Four Genres for Flip the Lens!

Short Video Interview

Conduct a short video interview with someone you admire or are intrigued by about the topics of belonging, creativity or culture.

Produce a mini documentary that profiles a culture creator! Shine a light on the backstory of someone locally or in your travel destination who is bringing culture to life!

Potential themes for your video are Archaeology; Architecture; Dance; Festivals; Folk Art; Food; Gardens and Landscape; Language & Legend; Maritime; Music; Spirituality; Textiles; and Visual Arts.

Video Slide Show

Create a video slide show featuring a cultural landscape! Put those gorgeous images you have to good use and share with flair! Set your images to music and record an intro with your voice over sharing some context on the history and aesthetic meaning of your featured Place.

Video Essay

Craft a video essay on some dimension of what it means to be human–and celebrates our individuality and shared human condition. Make a positive statement that will inspire and promote good vibes!

Who are Flip the Lens Filmmakers?

You don’t need to be a professional to be an FTL contributor!
Are you creative? Are you intrigued by the human condition?
Do you want to make a difference in the world?


Emerging film-makers and creatives who want a project that has depth and impact for their portfolio.


Travelers who enjoy cultural immersions. Perhaps you’d like a “reason” to sit down with someone from your host destination and ask them to share their perspective on their culture with you in a piece of documentary art for Flip the Lens YouTube Channel.


Educators looking for a fresh way to inspire curiosity, empathy and listening skills, or to help students apply the hard skills they’ve been taught and get their work published.


Life-long learners. Flip the Lens was founded by a senior. The platform honors the life experiences, perspective and wisdom of elders and offers inter-generational collaborations.

Here's What Qualifies You as a Flip the Lens Filmmaker!

Would you like to be part of a movement to celebrate our unique differences and shared humanity, one person’s story at a time?

Are you a curious person who loves to know what makes people tick?

Are you shy, and looking for a “reason” to start a conversation with someone?

Do you want to discuss topics that have meaning and aren’t superficial?

Are you someone who likes to photograph or videotape your travels, adventures, friends, and family?

Would you love to be a reporter on the world’s cultures and our human condition?


Another way to be a part of the Flip the Lens movement is as a subscriber to the FTL YouTube channel! Enjoy an ever-growing library of short films made by everyday people that define being human.

These videos celebrate our unique differences and shared humanity, reminding us that while our individual experiences may be personal, we are all members of the human race, and subject to the same range of life events and emotions.