Flip the Lens Submission Guidelines

How To Submit A Video to Flip the Lens

Flip The Lens Video Submission Guidelines

Congrats on deciding to share your film with subscribers of the Flip the Lens channel! Part of the idea behind Flip the Lens is to acknowledge how all of us can be “influencers” by sharing from the heart.

Be sure to follow the FTL Guidelines throughout the process so that your submission is accepted and viewers can enjoy your interview!

We are excited to review your piece and share it with others!

Your Submission Must Have a Title Slide

All Clips Must Be in a Horizontal Format and Fill the Screen

Flip The Lens Submissions
This is the correct format
Flip The Lens Submissions
This is not the correct format.

Your Video Must Have Credits

Be sure to create slides that credit the Producer (you!), as well as any Images you did not take yourself, and the music. Check out our iMovie editing video for a tutorial on how to make title slides!

Your Video Submission Needs to Include Descriptive Text

Like all YouTube videos, yours will need a descriptive text that explains what your Flip the Lens video is about! You’ll also need to share with us keywords and hashtags that sum up the essence of your video!

Here Are Samples!

What is the definition of creativity? The Creativity Project explores that question through a series of short interviews with people from all walks of life, and from all over the world. In this interview, the definition and experience of creativity is contemplated by weaver Richard Lockwood, co-founder of fritelli & Lockwood textile studio in Saratoga Springs, New York.


In this interview, Dr. Albert Levis reflects on the definition and experience of creativity. Dr. Levis is a psychiatrist, born in 1937 in Athens, Greece, where during his childhod he experienced WWII, the Holocaust, and the Communist Civil War. He has spent his professional career pondering on behavior, religions and ideologies, identifying creativity as a universal conflict resolving mechanism. He is the founder and director of the Museum of the Creative Process in Manchester, Vermont and the proprietor of the Wilburton Inn.


In this episode, George talks about his interpretation of belonging as “agreement”. He walks us through his story of struggling to be who he is but still having support from his loved ones. Eventually, as an adult, he enters a dilemma and is stuck in the middle of embracing who he is freely or conforming to a certain societal standard. Loving who you are and where you come from, and loving what makes you, YOU: the battle of love and identity.


In today’s episode, Phalguni expresses her fondness towards art and explains one stage of her life which made her feel like Art wasn’t her cup of tea. As kids, we are pushed towards certain fields/areas without thinking if we actually fit in. This has been the story of billions all around the world. But how do we know if we actually belong there? How do we identify ourselves and our interests? Some of us are lucky or precisely brave enough to quit places that we don’t belong to and explore areas to find the one made for us. From a place where she felt like she did not belong, to a place where she felt like she always belonged, is Phalguni’s journey of belongingness.

Your Submission Needs to Include Statement of Originality

Your submission needs to be accompanied by a signed statement that the work is original and that you are its author/creator, and have the permission of the subject featured.

Submissions must be exclusive to Flip the Lens and not have appeared elsewhere. You retain the rights to your piece.

Process for Submitting a Piece of Content

Upload your video on your Google Drive account and share a link via email. Do not forget to send us with your video, a short description of the contents of your video which shall appear on Youtube.

Email us at submissions@flipthelens.com

This will give a chance to the moderators of Flip the Lens to review your amazing piece of work. If you stand by all terms and if your video upholds in all ways meaningful content that has not appeared elsewhere, you will receive an approval email from us within 48 hours.

You are good to get featured on Flip the Lens YouTube Channel!

Once approved, your video will be uploaded on Flip the Lens YouTube Channel by the moderators with the description that you provided us with. You will be notified after the upload is completed.

Once your video is uploaded,  announce your proud piece of content to the world! Share your creation in your networks and to as many as possible during the first few minutes to increase the visibility of the video.  We’ll tweet it out on our Twitter feed and share it on the Flip the Lens Facebook page!


In case your content has missing elements or does not comply with our guidelines, you will hear from our moderators. We will provide you necessary time, suggestions, and if possible resources to make those changes/additions.

In other cases where your piece of content does not resonate with the mission and values of Flip the Lens, your video will be disapproved from being uploaded and displayed on the YouTube Channel. The decision of approval and disapproval strongly lies in the hands of our moderators. You will be notified within 48 hours.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your smartphones and be a filmmaker!

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Another way to be a part of the Flip the Lens movement is as a subscriber to the FTL YouTube channel! Enjoy an ever-growing library of short films that define being human, revealing both how individual and alike we all are. These videos celebrate our unique differences and shared humanity, reminding us that while our individual experiences may be personal, we are all members of the human race.

As a FTL subscriber, you’ll regularly receive new video interviews that will likely inspire “Aha!’ moments as you see yourself in others, no matter how different they may seem.