The Flip the Lens Backstory

Flip the Lens (FTL) is a revolutionary platform for creating powerful content about our shared humanity. An alternative to self-focused social media, FTL is a digital social innovation initiative that offers people of all ages a forum for changing the world, one conversation at a time. FTL is a catalyst for starting and sharing meaningful exchanges on important topics that matter. We help people create video interviews with the person of their choice about themes such as belonging, creativity and culture, and publish them on Flip the Lens YouTube Channel.

A Positive Approach to a Societal Pain Point

In today’s global world we are more connected than ever before…and yet, paradoxically, many of us often feel more alone, alienated, different, and less-than. Flip the Lens offers a way for people of all ages to use their digital devices and the internet that creates a sense of purpose, enables them to feel a part of something meaningful, and fosters a sense of well-being.

There is a Serious Problem

Mental Health Crisis

Evolving Social Media to Deliver What People Want

Flip the Lens conducted market research to determine what people are looking for in social media. Not surprisingly, respondents to FTL polls expressed a strong desire for content that involved using creativity and is not self-focused. Respondents to our surveys said:

  • More than 75% of people would join a social media platform that did not allow content about self
  • 100% of people say they share content on social media created by someone they know.
  • 100% say that having a portfolio of published digital content will enhance their career prospects.
  • 90% say they would be interested in a video-sharing platform that taught them the basics about creating a professional-looking video

Flip the Lens offers an opportunity for the curious and creative of all ages to get out of themselves, expand their horizons, and dare to ask questions about someone else’s livelihood, life and culture. Producing a piece of art or journalism is the icing on the cake!

Market Research

Creating Meaning, Connection & Purpose

Many stories go untold because no one asked.

That’s a shame because each person’s story is unique and inspirational.

We are looking for personal accounts that are thoughtful, authentic and from the heart. Your piece could be funny or poignant, shocking or anything in between…but it needs to be honest, insightful, empathetic and respectful.

Flip The Lens Home Page Montage

Flip the Lens invites you to create powerful content simply by filming someone sharing their answers to three provocative questions. No need for super high tech equipment, fancy sets, or complex editing. The Flip the Lens approach keeps it real and authentic.

If you want to make a video that has meaning and can make a difference in someone's life, we want to help you! We offer video tutorials that will make your project low stress and build your digital confidence!

Meet the Founders of Flip the Lens

The founders of Flip the Lens are two everyday people who believe that any one of us can change the world if we try. We are from different generations and a world apart from each other...yet we share a desire to make an impact. We invite you to join us in changing the world, one conversation at a time!

Below is a little bit of each of our stories! Check out our community forum page and introduce yourselves!

Meg Pier

Meg is a 62-year old American who has been engaged in telling people's stories for more than 30 years. Her award-winning career has blended expertise in writing; editing; interviewing; public relations; and brand building. Meg has a diversified set of credentials: a corporate career as the founding member of PR departments for four major financial services firms; consulting assignments to create communications platforms/infrastructure for non-profits; a portfolio of bylines for media and corporate publications and memoirs ghostwritten for private clients; and founder of website People Are Culture.

Meg has been the recipient of PR Week's First Place Award for Small Corporate Communications Team of the Year and named one of five finalists for PR Professional of the Year; New England Publicity Club's First Place Bell Ringer Award for public affairs campaign and two organizational identity campaign awards; Bulldog Bronze Award for product/company positioning.

The thread throughout Meg’s wide range of interests is an endless fascination with people’s stories. She has an abiding passion for helping others to “connect the dots,” engaging them in a process to discover what makes them unique and discern the value their experiences can offer others.

Mahima Gopalkrishna

Mahima is a 23-year old Indian and Master Graduate in Communication & Economics specializing in International Tourism from Università Della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland.

Mahima is an inspired, determined, and self-motivated travel enthusiast & storyteller who strongly believes that a better tomorrow begins with an idea and the will to execute it. She has the credit of creating an entire Destination Promotional campaign named 'Karnataka, where art is a way of life. Along with her passion for business and travel, she is curious to hear people's stories and learn more about different cultures.

With a bachelor's degree in business management and previous experience in building two innovative start-ups from scratch, she is carrying her entrepreneurial fire high to improve people's lives by promoting the implementation of small & simple ideas to make a big difference.