Become A Flip the Lens Filmmaker!

Be A Filmmaker. Use a Camera as a Window. Not a Mirror.

Flip the Lens is a unique online platform designed for those who want a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

We offer a place to learn about what makes us unique and part of a global community through creating, sharing and viewing short digital content about others and our world.

Join us!

You Are a Filmmaker

You don’t have to be a professional. No need for super high-tech equipment, fancy sets, or complex editing. We believe this is something that any one of us could do. The only goal is to keep it authentic and real.

FTL presents four different genres for all kinds of people to create content. Pick a genre that you like & participate!


Mini Interview

Conduct a three-question interview with the person of your choice for our Being Human Project on our three themes: Belonging, Creativity and Culture.

Mini Documentary

Produce a mini documentary that profiles a culture creator! Shine a light on the backstory of someone locally or in your travel destination who is bringing culture to life!

Potential themes for your video are Archaeology; Architecture; Dance; Festivals; Folk Art; Food; Gardens and Landscape; Language & Legend; Maritime; Music; Spirituality; Textiles; and Visual Arts.

Landscapes of the World Series

Create a video/image slideshow showing a beautiful & exciting landscape of one particular destination that you visited, set to music. Create an introductory narration that offers some context on the history and culture of the area, and explores the relationship between the people and the landscape.

Video Essays

Craft a video essay on some dimension of what it means to be human–and celebrates our individuality and shared human condition. Make a positive statement that will inspire and promote good vibes!

Submit Your Video for Publication on the Flip the Lens Channel!

When you are ready, here’s how!

Have No Idea How To Create a Video? We'll Teach You!

Many people today are fluent in how to use digital technology–and many are not.

If you are someone who is interested in creating a video interview but have no idea what’s involved or how to get started, we are happy to guide you through the process. And if you get stuck, we can help!

Paying It Forward

Sharing a sense of connection is a huge part of what Flip the Lens is all about! When your video has been published, we’ll tweet it out on our Twitter feed and share it on our Facebook page!